Academic Partners

CAARN facilitates development of research studies in collaboration with community agencies. New interventions and programs can be tested through connections to community agencies. For example, many studies have been conducted in Wisconsin counties and tribes by working with Wisconsin’s Aging Network – the aging office or Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in counties and tribes – which has direct access to older adults and can engage their participation in research projects.


Steps to becoming an Academic Partner

Download and complete the Research Intake form here.

Contact a CAARN Community Research Associate who will guide you through the process and work with our Network Partners and Multiple Primary Investigators to ensure our partners’ needs and interests align.

Thanks to our Academic Partners

Last updated: April 2021

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From University of Wisconsin- Madison

Albers, Craig PhD Educational Psychology
Andrae, Susan PhD, MPH Kinesiology
Banerjee, Suman PhD Engineering
Barrett, Bruce MD, PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
Bowers, Barb PhD, RN Nursing
Bratzke, Lisa PhD, RN Nursing
Brauer, Marcus
Breslow, Bob BS Pharm Pharmacy
Brown, Heidi MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Buehring, Bjoern MD Medicine
Carayon, Pascale Ph.D. Engineering
Chewning, Betty PhD Pharmacy
Columna, Luis PhD Kinesiology
Dattalo, Melissa MD, MPH Medicine – Geriatrics
Ehrenthal, Deborah, MD, MPH, FACP Population Health Sciences, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Farrar-Edwards, Dorothy PhD Kinesiology
Fields, Beth PhD, OT Kinesiology
Flowers Benton, Susan PhD Education
Ford II, Jay PhD Pharmacy
Gleason, Carey PhD Medicine
Gustafson, David MS, PhD Engineering
Hallisy, Kristine PT, DSC Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
Heiderscheit, Bryan PT, PhD Orthopedics & Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
Jacobs, Elizabeth MD, MAPP, FACP Medicine
Jiang, Hongrui PhD Engineering
King, Barbara PhD School of Nursing
Koltyn, Kelli PhD Kinesiology
Krishnaswamy, Bhuvana PhD Engineering
Lauver, Diane PHD, RN, FAAN Nursing
Li, Jingshan MS, PhD Engineering
Look, Kevin PhD, PharmD Pharmacy
Mahoney, Jane MD Department of Medicine- Gerontology
Mares, Marie-Louise PhD Communication Arts
Martin, Beth PhD, MS, RPh, FAPhA Pharmacy
Meyerand, Mary PhD Engineering
Mora Pinzon, Maria MD, MS Medicine
Mott, David PhD, FAPhA, RPh Pharmacy
Pickett, Kristen PhD Kinesiology
Pulia, Nicole PhD Medicine
Quanbeck, Andrew PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
Ryff, Carol  PhD Psychology
Schwarze, Gretchen MD, MPP, FACS Surgery
Shiyanbola, Olayinka PhD Pharmacy
Smith, Paul PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
Smith, Maureen MD, PhD Population Health, ICTR
Sprecher, Kate Post-Doc School of Medicine & Public Health
Vivain, Eva Pharmacy
Ward, Earlise PhD Nursing
Wenker, Sue PhD, PT Family Medicine & Community Health and Physical Therapy
Werner, Nicole PhD Engineering
Wise, Meg PhD Pharmacy
Zimmerman, David M.A., PhD Engineering

From Other Institutions

Gretebeck, Kim PhD Marquette University Nursing
Gretebeck, Randy PhD Marquette University Nursing
Leppin, Aaron MD, MSc Mayo Clinic Science of Healthcare Delivery
Kehl, Karen PhD Medical College of Wisconsin Nursing
Friedman, Elliot PhD Purdue University Human Development & Family Studies
Clemson, Lindy PhD University of Sydney School of Medicine & and Health, Occupational Therapy
Hamrick, Irene MD U of Cincinnati Family & Community Medicine
Pandhi, Nancy MD, MPH, PhD U of New Mexico Family & Community Medicine
Ruini, Chiara PhD University of Bologna Department of Psychology
Gaugler, Joseph RN University of Minnesota Nursing
Fischer, Barbara PsyD UW Veterans Affairs N/A
Jecklin, Robert PhD, MPH UW-La Crosse Gerontology
Basting, Anne PhD, MPH UW-Milwaukee English
Ellis, Julie PhD, RN UW-Milwaukee Nursing